Four Tips to Download Free PS3 Games

Getting downloads for your PS3 is a lot easer than the average gamer would realise. The PS3 is a powerhouse but it seems like the price of software keeps get higher every time a new game system comes out. If you're tired of paying the full retail price for games and need to find some alternatives, keep reading.

The PS3 has some neat features that justify why the console itself is expensive, but if you can find some free PS3 downloads, you can easily offset the huge cost of the system. You'll need to look out for a couple things on your search for PS3 game downloads. Here's a bit of a rundown on what they are:

Reliable Websites

First, you need to get a reliable and honest website. I don't mean a torrent or P2P file-sharing site... not many of these sites are not trustworthy! You might find a PS3 download or two at sketchy sites like those, but beware, each time you connect to a site like that you are leaving your home computer open to hackers that can access your information. Do you want people ruining your PS3 for you? It really isn't the best way to get PS3 downloads.

The Right Software

Second, you should make sure you install the necessary software and equipment. You can't transfer your PS3 downloads straight to your PS3, they have to be downloaded onto your computer first and then be transferred, this will require special software for your computer. The less trustworthy sites only let you download stuff from them after you fork out the cash to buy conversion software. It might look like a good deal, until you find a site somewhere that will give you everything for free!

Keep it Legal

Third, get your downloads legally! PS3 downloads are great, and they might seem like the most important thing in the world, but is it worth going to jail or getting a huge fine just for a free PS3 download? Most sites are 100% illegal, and tracking technology is getting better. There's never been more of a chance that'll you'll get caught. If a cheesy popup ad or banner ad can get your IP address and use it in their advertising, what can the cops or even the FBI do?

Quality Costs Money

Fourth, don't be afraid to pay for quality. It will take a bit of searching, but there are some good download sites on the net that offer completely free PS3 downloads, well I guess not completely free, you still have to pay a one time fee to access them. But that's a really good deal. Usually the fee is under $40 or so, and that sets you up for life-time access to all of the PS3 games, movies and TV shows you could ever want, and you can download them at very high-speeds! :) The initial $40 seems like a lot at first, but just think of how long the PS2 was around for, like around 8 years, and the PS3 is just ramping up to be the next super game console, around for another 8 years probably. I know you can download more than $40 worth of stuff over the next 8 years! Get your game on!


  • Find reliable, trustworthy websites
  • Use the right software
  • Stay within the law
  • Don't be afraid to pay for quality downloads

Hopefully I've been able to help you out! There is no need to pay super high prices for your PS3 games. I've found some really good services, one I've used and one that other people have told me about, check out the links:

  1. PS3 Direct Downloads
  2. Game Media Download