Download Free PS3 Games

Do you buy PS3 games from EB Games or Walmart? Stop right now! There is a better way to get all of the latest games: you can download free PS3 games online. It's so much easier, cheaper and faster to download your PS3 games from the Internet, rather than the store. All you need is to find the download locations!

There are tons of games download sites online, even for newly released PS3 games. Those sites are confusing though. Even when you can get through the maze of ads and links, most of those download sites are scams. Don't fret though, there are legitimate services out there.

Be Careful

Always be careful when shelling out your hard-earned cash. Some download sites request payment from you, then you discover that the website is outdated or illegal. There are dozens of sites for downloading free PS3 games that are not safe at all. When you finally find a decent site to download from, you'll get your opportunity to download all of the games you want for a one time fee. Any site that is worth the admission will always let you have unlimited downloads.

The Best Sites

The better download sites will let you download games, and also the latest music, movies and TV shows. Getting a service like this is awesome because you get instant fast downloads. Some sites have monthly subscription fees. The better ones will allow you to have access for life, all you have to do is pay a one time fee.

What to Look For

Make sure you get on with a membership site that includes detailed instructions for playing the games once they're downloaded. Another thing to watch out for on the website is to see if they have a member support service, in case you have any questions or problems. Always check for a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service.

I hope these tips help you out! I have found that these two services are the only legitimate ones I can find. They're linked here:

  1. PS3 Direct Downloads
  2. Game Media Download