Download PS3 Games

Did you know that you can download free games for your PS3? Most gamers still don't know that they can do it, they're all too busy playing the games they bought to know how to get the free ones! PS3's are hugely popular now, but games can be way over-priced. Check out our guide to getting your games for free...

The ability to download any game you want, anytime could change your life, but you'll need to make sure of a few things before you start downloading every game in the PS3 library:

Setup Computer for Downloads

First, you need access to a personal home computer. Not the PS3 itself, but an actual PC. You're not currently able to download games and media straight to your Playstation 3. What you need to do is get the files onto your computer first and then transfer it to the PS3. You're not going to need the latest, greatest tower machine or anything. All you're really going to need is a semi-new computer from the past several years that can run Windows XP or newer.

Fast Internet is Essential

Second, you'll need access to the internet on your computer. You can use any internet connection - even with a slow connection you can still download free games for your PS3, but you'll want the fastest connection. PS3 games are enormous! If you have dial up internet you could end up wasting weeks waiting for one game to download! Free games are great, but you'll actually want to play them eventually. Better opt for a high speed connection.

Download Sources That Are Safe

Third, you'll need a source to download free PS3 games from. Couple years ago, everyone seemed to download everything they would ever want from a P2P or a torrent site. You might be inclined to try and find some torrent sites that might have PS3 games to download. I would strongly advise against using them. Torrent sites are ILLEGAL. Possibly even worse, they are an easy way for hackers to target your machine, and your personal data, internet browsing history, credit card numbers, etc. Viruses are constantly spread by people uploading them to a torrent site. Hackers just upload them and label them as anything, even as the names of PS3 games. You'll only know that you've downloaded a virus after days of downloading and then trying to run the game when you realise it's not a game afterall. If that's ever happened to you, you know what I mean, it's pretty common when you download off of those sites. You're better off staying off torrent sites altogether.

The Best Way to Download PS3 Games

Fortunately for all of us, recently (the past few months) there are a few new realistic, safe alternatives to the torrent sites. These sites give you access to almost any kind of file you want, like mp3s, video files, and PS3 game files and they are all free. This is the best way to download free games for PS3. How is works is after you pay a one off administration fee to join the site, usually around $40-50, you get instant access to everything they have in their database. The downloads are superfast and amazingly enough, they are unlimited. I've never seen a better way to download games and movies.

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