How to Download PS3 Games

Are you sick of having to shell out $50 for each and every game that comes out for the PlayStation 3? You paid so much for the PS3 itself, it is a pricey machine! Then you have to pay for each new hit game. Let's see what must play games have come out recently:

And then there's going to be Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots coming out soon! You probably already have one or two of those games but keeping up with the best PS3 games is expensive.

What Options Are There?

There are lots of options for downloading PS3 games... however the ones that are free are unfortunately all illegal and really hard to do. They all require different PC software to download the games, then really frustrating cracks that usually have loads of trojan horses, viruses and spyware. I've burned many coasters trying to get the games onto a disc. The time I wasted on trying to get one pirated game to work I could have been working, earning more than enough to BUY several games from the store.

Online Download Services

I've just stumbled across two sites so far that are good. They are PS3 Direct Downloads and Gamer Media Download. They are both services for download PS3 games. The difference is that Gamer Media Download is for a bunch of systems. So if you have a Wii and/or Xbox too, you should check them out.

With both services, you can pretty much download any game you want. And then you can even get music, movies and TV shows if you want too. I was pretty stoked about that too... then I can watch TV Shows (I canceled cable TV) on my TV through my PS3! Ahhh... I love the internet. All you do is follow their instructions and then transfer from PC to your PS3! Piece of Cake!

Visit their site here: www.PS3DirectDownload.com

Gamer Media Download

This one has a one-time fee to get all the downloads you want. You don't need to pay per download or anything. If you have more than one game console you're in luck because they support the Wii, PS3 and the Xbox 360.

They have really well organized downloads so you can find exactly what type of music you want to listen to. They have all the movies, TV shows and sports ready to go all categorized so you can find what you want to watch and watch it when you want. And lets not forget about games, in total with all their files they have over 95 million files – music, movies and games.

Visit their site here: www.GamerMediaDownload.com

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