PS3 Download Tools

If you decide to go at it alone without a PS3 Download Service, there are other options of downloading games and other media as you see fit. You've probably heard about a couple of these pieces of software.

P2P Software

There are traditional P2P networks (Peer-to-peer) which allow you to download from other users of the software. This started with programs like Napster. You can usually find really obscure files because people are sharing their favorite files for you to download. Here is the best P2P software:

Kazaa – Quick Review

Kazaa is a really easy to use downloading program. When you search for media you get pretty good results. You can search for specific types of media: everything, video, audio, software, images or documents. To download, you just double click the file you want out of the search results and it will download quick. It depends on the size of the file obviously.

Click here to download Kazaa

LimeWire - Quick Review

Limewire is great because it doesn't have adware, spyware or anything else like that. It's super fast and you can pause downloads to start again later. Limewire is probably the best file sharing software.

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Torrent Programs

BitTorrent - Quick Review

BitTorrent has recently almost eliminated all other file-sharing competitors. The shear number of files available to download through BitTorrent is astounding. The files are shared in bits and pieces and this allows downloads to be spread out over a number of download sources. Meaning: your downloads are very fast! Faster than traditional means of downloading.

Click here to download BitTorrent

If your aim is to easily download games for PS3, check out the links below to find out exactly where to get the best downloads from.

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